This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Psychology of Art and Gender Studies Subject.



As work proposal this pretends to be a review of what I have learned in the subject of “”.

The tree parts of the work are together: the cartography of the concepts, my personal experience, and the way I would transmit it to the outside.

The format I have used is almost completely graphic, but due to the time I needed to draw and retouch all the pictures; I have included handwritten parts to explain myself a little bit better. The language I have used is quite informal, as it is addressed to, principally, the youth collective.

What do I think I’ve learnt through this course?

It’s quite difficult to explain all the things I have learnt, as there are so many, but I could talk about the topics that have impacted me the most; first of all, the fact that I’m nothing but a social construction, concepts such as “woman” or “man” are not solid, the way we perform is a social imposition. I was obsessed with the idea of being as much natural as I could, to be completely myself , but I have understood that this has no sense, there’s no “real me”, as what you have to do is choose who do you want to be, because you are a social construction.

About the queer theory, I had a friend that talked to me about that topic before the psychology subject because my friend relates to the label of agender and for me it has been an example during all the time we talked about queer theory, usually dresses with clothes which are related to women in our society, but does not feel like one. You don’t have to be a woman to wear skirts, but you also don’t have to be transgender.

The part we talked about Biopower also kept me, the fact you have to assume you’re sick to receive a gender change, or even to simply acquire hormones, are in my opinion, unacceptable, and an absolute lack of respect.

Which questions did it put to me?

I thought about the fact I was not heterosexual as this means nothing, that the way I dress, I talk, walk (…) is a recompilation of the imagery I absorbed watching TV or from my mother, grandmother, friends, etc.

What will I do with what I have learnt?

Last week is was watching Transparent with my laptop at the kitchen alone, my father came in and asked me: “what are you watching?”, I told him the show was good and that he should check it out, and he did, he recorded all the first season. I would like to share what I’ve learned (with my family or unknown people), have other viewpoints, and introduce that in my future artwork.

By: Estel·la Juvanteny

Video: When Psychology Fucks Your Mind Without Permission. A graphic tour through my experience as a 2nd course fine arts student in the subject of psychology.