Since the first session, not knowing anything about the teacher and his methodology in class, I realized there was something special in the way of teaching. I noticed a different perspective to understand arts through new concepts, new learnings far from the conventional academic study.

The learning of concepts such as cognitive capitalism, artistic capitalism, post/neo-capitalism, post/neo-colonialism or neo-feminism suppose an important change in the acceptation and comprehension of the new artistic practices.

The proposal of the study and research about different questions dealing with the desire in the world of art supposes a big change regarding its understanding in the current panorama. Understanding how the images act in the conception of the desire within contemporary society is essential to point out which has been the turning point of the subject.

The search of images of desire and the different concepts related help me to produce feedback between my parents and enrich our projects as a result.

This project has supposed a new personal learning and a new vision about the world’s art.

By: Eladio Aguilera

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me. What I show to others what I have learned.