This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.



This subject has been pretty convulsed and, although the idea of having a class made in an alternative way to most of the other subjects -one where I could decide my own path through it- it’s always welcome and I think it was a great approach, I feel that this grade wasn’t all that good for me. By this I don’t mean that I didn’t take the subject with a regular work neither that I set apart of the group, but that I failed in some parts of the subject.

Having said that, the most important thing I’ve learned this grade is the value of work dynamics, how is mine and how is that of my colleagues , where they converge and where don’t. I think that the arrangement with others is essential in developing a common project, as well as the mastery of the necessary technological platforms to do it.

I’ve learned that the setup is essential from the first moment, that developing a common project the first thing to do is to establish a “road map” and don’t leaving it. Only then you can do a good work. I also learned that alternative class methodologies demand a constant and active interaction between the different topics and the student so those topics become hers, to approach to them in your own way. The main thing is that this interaction with the subject requires daily work with lectures and an interest beyond school hours, or in short, a vested interest in the matter. Again, and like last year, this grade has been for me in part confusing, in part satisfying.

By this I mean that this subject has had a “radical punk” effect on me. The masterclasses were my favourite ones, where every single thought, “visuality” examples, comment, all together had a very strong effect on me to the point that it made me consider and question a lot of things in a different way. For me, that’s the main point that every class should have, at least in college, to pose problems to your own practices and concerns.

Questions like what is the artistic product I’m creating, to whom it’s addressed and why. What does it say about me? How did I arrive to create it? I generate it by myself or it’s only the result of an unknown amount of imposed references that I didn’t choose? And so on. Inquiries that go from my artistic production to questioning the main patterns and normativities around me. it’s a different experience and it leaves me with a great sensation. It makes me feel that I still can go to college to learn in a emotional dimension and not only to copy-paste concepts.

In the end, it’s a feeling of real learning. The subject has gaved me a lot of positive things and the possibility of applying my learnings in the future.

By: Narcís Boter

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me. What I show to others what I have learned.