This digital object has been developed in  Teaching and Learning in a Digital Society subject from the Pedagogics degree from the University of Barcelona.

I wanted to show how I have grown both personally and professionally until today. Throughout my life, especially when I was a kid, I’ve been surrounded by people who daily have supported me to go ahead and  building up my way. These supports are my family and friends.

First, I thought that I could show everything I’ve learned in the last years. Afterwards, I considered to export everything into a video.

The first step was looking for the scene, so I opted for Passeig de la Garriga as the right place. This decision was by the reason of being  a place from my spectacular village where there are small tracts of land separated by crosswalks. So I thought that each section could represent a stage of my life.

The stages of my life have been created by different types of education. The first two years of my life, I was taught at home by my family who conveyed me values. After three years later until today, my education has been schooled by different settings (public, subsidized and private).

In the video the main object is the bicycle because it symbolizes the main route I have travelled throughout my life, moreover, all the knowledge and experience I have gained since then.

To differentiate each stage of my life I have chosen a backpack in which  I have introduced all personal and significant items for me.

Ultimately making this video I wanted to show all the connectivity and acquisition throughout life that people have within the world of education.

By: Judith Vázquez Villena

Video: A full life of constant learning and knowledge