This digital object has been developed in “Properties and new uses of materials for design” subject from the Design degree from EINA, University School of Design and Art (attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona). The aim of the subject has been research about one material and then design a project in the Graphic Design and Visual Creation area where this material present a new use.

We are searching about hologram, and we decided investigate the visual possible forms of it and how it forms.The idea was transfer the hologram to a new area, the packaging. In this case, in a bottle packaging. We create a brand from the hologram caracteristics.

During this period of time in which we worked, the team has worked hard to improve and expand information, we had fun filming the scenes, as we despair when something went wrong.
As a final conclusion we must say that, despite the theoretical simplicity that behavesthis project, the reality is that because of the difficulties has made us grow and forced to seek answers in other ways.

All kinds of difficulties we were presented: Flaws in the design, execution video… We believe that we have learned to look beyond the visible and explore new fields.

By Paula Camargo and Iria Martínez