This digital object has been developed in “Properties and new uses of materials for design” subject from the Design degree from EINA, University School of Design and Art (attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona). The aim of the subject has been research about one material and then design a project in the Graphic Design and Visual Creation area where this material present a new use.

The proposed project has specific requirements of innovation in the world of design with a chosen material. Optical fiber has been chosen by our group because of its physical simplicity and technical qualities that characterize it, such as the transmission of information, either data or light.

The process starts by doing research on optical fiber. We find out that it seems a material implemented less than expected in the world of graphic design despite all its features, and we think we have some clear chances we can create an interesting piece.

From all the research done on optical fiber, we are dedicated to make a brainstorm because we do not have the possibility to obtain the material itself. Many emerging concepts come to mind related to the qualities that has this material, from which we can highlight some important ones: it is equipped with a resistance under extreme weather conditions and will not be damaged. Also, we have the security of knowing that it is a material that does not yield to extreme physical exertion. Finally, the fact that it transmits information and light beams.

We work on the concept of light, related to signage, and going beyond, with the concept of making a route. Talking about the darkness and its dangers, and how to guide us there, but not in the usual way. Our target does not fear darkness, in fact, it seeks adrenaline. So we decided to create a vertical forest where the routes are marked with optical fiber.

By Núria Badia, Eulàlia Camacho and Paola Timonet