This digital object has been developed in “Properties and new uses of materials for design” subject from the Design degree from EINA, University School of Design and Art (attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona). The aim of the subject has been research about one material and then design a project in the Graphic Design and Visual Creation area where this material present a new use.!copia-de-home/pekrs

Being surrounded by an unsustainable atmosphere, we wanted to propose a possible solution to help and make our daily lives more eco-friendly. From this need, we develop our project Arròs, which is a biodegradable and edible packaging and, therefore, doesn’t generate any waste. The material used is Vivo Film, a biopolymer that melts with a cold or hot liquid. The packaging is individual so the user can use only the portion needed. The graphic design is simple, in order to provide basic information directly.

We chose this material because it solves correctly the initial problem and the printing systems have had to adapt to the composition of the material and also to the design of the proposal. So everything has been determinated by the type of material and the need it has. So we started with the material and then analyze its characteristics, we explored how to develop the project according to the findings.

On one hand, we explored a new field of research that we had ever planned or ever had related to design. We also have seen personally how we live and what we do every day to change all that adversely affects the environment. It was, therefore, a project that has also allowed us to reflect on everything that surrounds us and that is not sustainable.

Furthermore, we have learned that is possible to design from an ecological point of view and respecting the environment, and therefore the design and being eco-friendly does not have to be incompatible. At the same time, working from a theoretical point without being able to explore the material is difficult but this has allowed us to focus more on their properties and how these could be compatible or incompatible. Sometimes assumptions allow us to reach the most distant or different field of study. Although it is not possible to do the project immediately, it has allowed us to explore a new type of research that in the future could be used for other projects.

By Paula Cardona, Júlia Peró and Ariadna Valldeperas