This digital object has been developed in “Properties and new uses of materials for design” subject from the Design degree from EINA, University School of Design and Art (attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona). The aim of the subject has been research about one material and then design a project in the Graphic Design and Visual Creation area where this material present a new use.

We have done this project with the aim of testing materials, change the habitual use of the material to another never done before.

In this case we chose the germinated paper, which normally has been used graphically to make posters. But we have molded to experiment for create filters smoking.What is our objective with this change.

Our purpose as designers was to create a filter for smoke that doesn’t harm the environment as they do today. The filters take between 1 and 2 years to completely biodegrade and is thrown on the floor. Therefore, thanks to the seeds of biodegradable paper, we wanted that once were on the floor, the seed begins to grow and biodegrades quickly getting new plants.What we have learned as designers

As it is seen in the video where the whole process we have done is explained, as designers we have seen several problems creating these filters. First of all the people who tried to smoke, said that it wasn’t equal than the currently filters, although we hadn’t 100% focused on creating a hyper comfortable filter, we wanted to experiment more with the result of the seed.

And second, to see that when the filters received the smoke, they die and doesn’t grow any plants, we have two conclusions:1- If we wanted the seed to grow, we should had more care with the filter, that wouldn’t be completely black and would be cleaner without much contact.2- As designers, we have seen that the result is not try to cover something that is already damaging to the environment and humans, the tobacco in this case, try to improve a part of it when the base is already completely harmful. So we should change it from the base, trying to get these filters doesn’t end on the floor, it should end in a trash.

By Carlota Gallart and Laura Armengol