This digital object has been developed in “Properties and new uses of materials for design” subject from the Design degree from EINA, University School of Design and Art (attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona). The aim of the subject has been research about one material and then design a project in the Graphic Design and Visual Creation area where this material present a new use.

The properties of graphene are ideal for use as a component of integrated circuits. It is equipped with a high carrier mobility and minimizes noise. One feature that has given a lot of talk and speculation is that graphene is always electrically conductive, for instance, you can not turn off or isolate at will.

The digitization of Graphene with intent to convert it into a renewed support of the traditional Credit card that allows the query itself, blocking, direct interaction and total freedom of management autonomy under control and security when making any activity relating to capital.

The project stems from the need to transform a format to convert one currency . The operation that we want to create and develop through the device responds to two situations, the innovation generated “On screen” and “off screen”.

The way we have chosen to represent our project is graphic because it is the master and support the fact that we understand how complex this content must be transmitted visually representing the idea itself. We choose not to support digital video because, for example, you want the user to have doubts and want to do a thorough analysis of what we have proposed, and it breaks without interruption.

Throughout the project we have found ways to adapt a currency . That is, when conceptualizing the project and how they learned what they could do or developed graphene . Where we were actually learning to interact was when we started to plan to try to adapt ergonomically graphene concept we were trying to do.

By Sergi Cuyàs and Marcel Amills