This digital object has been developed in “Environments, Processes and Technological Learning Resources” subject from the Pedagogy degree from UB, University of Barcelona.

By Marta Gutiérrez.

My visual narrative is about my own learning process. What I have learned and how I have learned it. In this project, I talk about the value of learning environments, because we build themand we can take advantage of this situation.

The learning environment is one of the most important education cores.

What have I learned by myself?

What I have done for myself throughout this subject has been, above all, to leave my comfort zone on the realization of a project. I was accustomed to be requested about an outline of a product that was directed to a specific group in a specific place.

In this semester I had to break the schemes I had and think about how it would create a learning environment with the premise of being innovative and responding to a real need. I had to reflect a lot about what a learning environment is and, above all, how to be innovative and how to give an answer even that was not yet created.

What have i learned?

Especially I have learned that an educational environment is never limited to an ordinary classroom, which learning is not limited to memorizing what marks the curriculum, as a great part of the educational community is still thinking, unfortunately. And I have learned this because when teachers suggest us doing a class abroad, a dynamic without tables or that the colleagues explain content of the subject with their own tools, I have noticed that in addition to the syllabus I am learning tools, I am watching self-improvement, I am learning to adapt to new environments or even to project the voice in a more correct way.

I have learned that a learning environment can be the subway at 8 in the morning, or the waiting room of the doctor because for example, when we wait in the queue of the supermarket in a patient manner, we are teaching the youngest to have patience. A learning environment is everywhere where there is learning and we are not knowing how to use it because we are so deeply rooted in the idea that we only learn in the classroom, that we do not take advantage of everything that surrounds us. We are accustomed to sitting and listening to an authority, which is the teacher and when teachers plan to change the dynamics we do not associate it with learning and therefore we do not take it as it should. It is very hard for us to think about learning as an opportunity to grow, train and improve and we have to do it in all the fields of our lives.

How did I learn this?

On the one hand, having done such a great research on educational environments and what they mean, I realized that if I hear a conversation from a mother with her son and that makes me reflect on aspects of my life, I am learning, I am creating new learnings. This makes me see that our growth and improvement process does not ever stop, also because every time I feel that I manage better the situations of my life and that means I am learning every day.

On the other hand, unfortunately I have made this reflection because most of our population thinks that they only learn through master classes and this seriously harms the quality of education. I have to listen from my mates who study pedagogy with me that there are teachers who do nothing because they spend the semester doing dynamics to waste time and that the only thing they should do is send us more readings, or that we are not attending university to play when they try to make a class abroad. I think we do not know how to take advantage of the non-formal teachings that are behind all these practices which are essential for our integral training.

Today we live in a world full of opinions and points of view, and perhaps incongruities, but this makes us learn and grow inside and outside the classrooms; we just have to  pay attention to the world that surrounds us, which in itself is a great educational environment.