This digital object has been developed in “Environments, Processes and Technological Learning Resources” subject from the Pedagogy degree from UB, University of Barcelona.

By Belén Catalán.


What have I done / thought to myself?

I decided to show one of the most important knowledge I have acquired in my Pedagogy degree. To promote a good understanding I produced a video. This video is a set of metaphors about the characteristics of an investigation.

First, I ask myself what is the essential of a good investigation. Then, I had to search videos that represented each characteristic. Finally, I had to find the best way to express to the people the importance of the investigation. I, also, have used a specific song for capture the attention of the public.

What have I learned?

Doing this video, I have learned what an investigation is.

First, I have learned how important research can be, and how important can be do all consciously, knowing what are you doing, why are you doing and for who are you doing this investigation. It’s a long process, you have to search, and you have to use all means, you have to use everything that is at your disposal, whatever you can. This is important because you want to know all about one thing, only if you get this you will be ready to think of an answer.

It is teamwork is very important; sharing your opinions and your work. Your team, your friends and different experts can help you in your investigation. Probably a setback will stop your research, do not worry, and only continue. Check the main question, find another way, look beyond and change the way. How? Use your imagination and work hard!

Finally, if you do an investigation you should know that an idea, step by step, can become a great discovery.

How have I learned?

I have learned the characteristics of the investigation doing a research. I didn’t do the investigation step by step, and I couldn’t find an answer.

Therefore, now, after a long reflection, I have discovered how I must to do an investigation. Learning by doing.