This digital object has been developed in “Environments, Processes and Technological Learning Resources” subject from the Pedagogy degree from UB, University of Barcelona.

By Laura Rincón.

What I think I have learnt through this course?

In the development of this subject throughout the semester I have learned several things. First, thanks to the methodology, the students had the opportunity to say our opinions, to organize the classes in a more participative way, to create improvised debates and talking about general topics about education and, one of the most important things, to know the importance of knowing what you are interested in and how to go deeply and do your research on the topics that interest you.

I have also learned to work in a group, but not to work in groups as many times university is called, if not in a collaborative way, a way in which everyone can say theirs and do it their way, but always reaching an agreement with all the components, striving each one to try to do it as best as possible and get to deal with a theme such as the project that moves us and most importantly: believe in going somewhere further, to dream and to try to fulfill this dream, even though it is difficult to achieve, trying to put the means to go beyond what it is established. I think that is what I have learned mainly through the project: having a idea and take it forward whatever it is.

How did I learn it?

Most of things I have learned have been in the classroom, to begin with, thanks to all the activities and the different learning experiences that have been carried out during this course.

Afterwards, all the documents and links that have been uploaded to Moodle have been helpful to me, both by the teacher and by the peers. I have been able to discover many issues that I did not know that I was interested in.

On the other hand, what has helped me above all has been the group project about educational environment design, since I have had the opportunity to work in group and collaborate, to listen to the opinion of others, to say mine and to reach a consensus and a common purpose thanks to all the contributions of the components.

What have I done for myself?

What I have done for myself has been, above all, to know myself, especially in the academic field, to know what my interests are in the field of education and pedagogy and to work and deepen a little more, be it doing research or from conversations with other mates who know more about this topic.

I have also learned to be able to self-manage my own work within a group, to structure important tasks and to know how to focus the idea and how to put it into practice.

Another thing that is very important and the best thing that I got from this subject has been the fact of not remaining only on the surface of the things, not going to what seems simpler or easier to arrive , but to be able to think and go further from your idea, to go up one step further, although sometimes it seems utopian, is something that I did not do before and from this subject I have learned that however difficult things may be, if you go step by step, you will achieve it.