This digital object has been developed in “Environments, Processes and Technological Learning Resources” subject from the Pedagogy degree from UB, University of Barcelona.

By Anna Siurana.

What I think I have learnt through this course?

In this subject I have learned that an educational environment is the whole set of factors and / or moral, social, economic, cultural, etc. circumstances, which in addition to surround a person or group also affect them in a greater or lesser influence, direct or indirectly.

I have learned how to inform myself and consult bibliography to design an environment for a particular group and to detect the real needs to make it productive and to check its effectiveness.

Which questions it put to me?

Do we really know the meaning of the word “environment”?

What if we want to design an environment for a particular group?

What is the key to success in designing an environment?

How I show to others  what I have learned?

To teach others what I have learned I have created a video where I show through slides with drawings made by myself what an environment is and how to design an effective one.