This digital object has been developed in “Environments, Processes and Technological Learning Resources” subject from the Pedagogy degree from UB, University of Barcelona.

By Sandra Monreal.

What I think I have learnt through this course?

During this course I have reviewed great references of pedagogy that help us to understand how innovative ideas have been flowing forever. We have also done activities that have made me reflect, which have facilitated introspection and meaningful learning.

I have reinforced the collaborative and participatory methodologies, both physically and virtually, valuing the process constantly.

All this thanks to having an active and involved teaching staff and an interesting, varied and topical themes.

What do I carry with me about the subject?

The value of learning and innovation and the importance of the educational environment in learning and its influence. That learning is something that is throughout life, there is no age or concrete time for learning. Society changes and we have to take advantage of new opportunities.

Also the awakening of my curiosity and being up to date with everything that moves in society. I have found new places to document myself in front of innovative projects and contacts that will serve me as future support, as well as technological tools that are currently booming and that are increasingly expanding to contribute to the change in the way of learning.

Which questions it put to me?

This subject has made me reflect on the idea of crisis. Currently everyone talks about “crisis” with negative connotations, but in China it translates as “Wei Ji”, which means “new opportunities”.

Maybe we should change the way we see reality and take advantage of the new paths that the situations we live offer us, instead of seeing them as an obstacle.