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Playing robot

The main goal of the project is to connect and strengthen the knowledge and experience of students of ICT and musical arts. Students learn how to co-operatively three-handedly build a robot in a limited time, which is capable of playing… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 6)

VARIETY In our work we focus on the coincidences, prejudices as well as symbols expressing contrasts. There is included a set of emotions and our perception of certain situations. I was not easy for us to choose approximately 10 photographs… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 5)

Preparing for the teaching profession I would like to divide my preparation for the teaching profession into three parts. When I started attending school, I had no idea what the deal was about studying at the university, much less at… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 4)

During the two-week period I tried to take as many photos as possible. I am not saying however that I always managed to do that. Sometimes I had no time or was not in the right mood. At first I… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 3)

The key to our story is having the concept of our topic in advance. At first, we thought up a story, then the photo composition and then did some legwork to actually shoot photos. It was much more fruitful this… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 2)

In our project we focused on works of art around Prague and tried to find clues to our future profession choice. We are going to describe why we picked certain photos and our impressions of them. The first photo of… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 1)

The idea „How I am becoming a teacher“ is a part of the joint project between the University of Michigan-Flint, USA and the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The idea was developed by Dr. Mary Jo (University of Michigan-Flint)… Continue Reading →

Czech writers

Students prepared a methodology, how to work with tablets in a classroom and teach other how to use their idea. Anotation activity with tablets: Student have instructions (map / navigation), where to go to see four selected sites (memorials of… Continue Reading →

Animated popup message in video

In this tutorial we are going to create a pop up message which can be used in your After Effects projects in various ways. Imagine that you have an object in your scene. By using the pop up message, you… Continue Reading →


We live in cities abundant in remembrances of things and people past. Unfortunately, current generations do not pay enough attention to them. The project proposes a way to change the status quo by utilising the city as an art canvas… Continue Reading →

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