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Creating Sports Apps for Smartphones

Students were involved in a project which aimed to develop their creativity and digital competence. They had to create a smartphone app related t...

Studying Communication Through History

Authors: 5th grade students Summary: In 5th grade, Social Science students learn about how human beings have been communicating to each other in different ways through history, so they learn about smoke signals, carrier pigeons, messengers on horse, messengers on… Continue Reading →

The phone of the future

All began with some brainstorming in class, where all the students gave their ideas and opinions about why cellphones should keep existing in the future and the functions they should have to answ...

The halfphones: half the space, double the power

This product is directed at everybody who regularly uses any type of earphones, since it will solve all the major problems that they have. Halfphones are earphones that fit perfectly on your ear thanks to their special ear shape and… Continue Reading →

Ars Longa: The Museum app that notifies you about Museum events

ArsLonga is an app dedicated to all museum lovers that want to be constantly connected to their favorite museums. With our application you can search for you favorite museums in Barcelona in order to synchronize their calendars with your device… Continue Reading →

Smart irrigation system for the school

This is the work a group of students of Year 10 developed for the Project "The city I want to live in" under a cross curricular perspective. We observed and analysed some of the problems our ci...

DIY: Blogging

Marta has a passion: literature, and she has her own blog to comment books and her readings. She is a "booktuber" as she defines herself. Here she explains her DIY experience in a TEDYouth talk. ...

Mentorship Project

Authors: Aina Maull and Cinta Gomis, Year 10. This webpage has been created by students of Year 10 as part of the Project of Mentorship they developed in their English classes for their seven-year-old mates. The website collects the… Continue Reading →

iTemperature: The world’s first interactive thermometer capable of easily taking the temperature and monitoring it in real time on your mobile device’s screen, saving you time and gaining efficiency.

  Authors: Rajae Bendahmane and Pablo Morey, Year 10.       ITemperature is a technological product for the health market. With the widespread use of smartphones, apps, multiple network connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc) and the absence of a product… Continue Reading →

Smart irrigation systems

Authors: Salma Sanjac, Marta Botet, Maria Manzano, Marta Puntí and Mireia Carbajal. Level: 3rd year secondary schoool Another example of how to apply easy technology for a smart solution....

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