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Experimental interdisciplinary aktivity is oriented on developmnet of abstract thinking and digital creations of pupils. We realized this aktivity with 75 pupils from 6. – 8.classes. Our artistic project was inspired by abstract paintings by Netherland artist Piet Mondian (1872-1944)… Continue Reading →

Time Measurement and Sundials

Pupils in this activity constructed a functional sundial and looked for a suitable place for its location. The outputs were presented to pupils in a parallel class.   The activity was participated by 1.C (19 pupils). Their aim was to… Continue Reading →

Playful School

Under this activity, pupils prepared for their fellow pupils sports games in the gym and funny board games focused on mathematics and the Czech language. They thus tested the physical fitness and knowledge of younger schoolmates.        … Continue Reading →


Within this activity, pupils carried out field research in the vicinity of the school and looked for old house signs and historical sundials. They were familiarized with the principle of sundials, which they then produced themselves. Pupils presented their results… Continue Reading →

Games for Czech Language

In this activity, pupils invented and produced games (board games, pairs, playing cards) for the subject Czech Language. Pupils tested the difficulty of their games in a parallel class.           The concept for this activity for 1.B… Continue Reading →

Theatres in Mathematics

In this activity, pupils produced little paper theatres for teaching mathematics. They formulated word problems and came up with themes for individual theatres. They tested functionality of the theatres together with schoolmates from the preparatory class.        … Continue Reading →

A Box with a Surprise

Class 3.A of 18 pupils manufactured a postcards box.          The objective of this activity was to familiarize them with their surroundings, seek information, and try out the role of the teacher. This activity was launched in… Continue Reading →

Learning Flowers in the Wild

Preparatory class pupils created herbariums of flowers they found in their surroundings. They presented their collective collage to ninth-graders.               The activity was carried out with 16 pupils of the preparatory class. The aim of… Continue Reading →

Mnemonics for the English Language

Mnemonics are tools which help us remember, e.g., various grammar rules. Sometimes, people remember them all life as they help us recall grammar rules. Eighth-graders tried to devise, create, and use such tools.           The activity… Continue Reading →

Exhibition of Dinosaurs

Pupils attending the ceramics club organized an exhibition of ceramic dinosaurs for children, teachers, and parents. Seventh-graders made a video documentation of the exhibition and created several short films in Movie Maker program.           Pupils of the first, second, and… Continue Reading →

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