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Selling and Buying in Mathematics

Pupils turned the classroom into a shop where they sold goods. They strengthened the math skills of their own (sellers) and of their classmates (buyers). They also developed communication and cooperation skills in various situations. In a fun way, they… Continue Reading →

Stories for Illustrations

During this activity, pupils drew inspirational pictures of animals, which older pupils used to write short stories. Together, they organized a presentation of their literary and artistic creations. Pupils drew inspiration from a book for children which was illustrated by… Continue Reading →

The First Ten Years of the History of our School in Global Context

In this activity, pupils mapped the world events (inventions, personalities, etc.) in the first ten years of the existence of the school (1898 – 1908) and produced a large-format poster with texts and photographs, which was exhibited in the school… Continue Reading →

A Tour of Stromovka (1)

Under this activity, pupils created a visual and textual guide of Stromovka park. They guided their classmates around the park, and together they performed tasks from worksheets. Class 4.A (21 pupils) were tasked to learn about Stromovka, which is located… Continue Reading →

Mathematical Quizzes and Brain Teasers

Within this activity, pupils devised simple mathematical puzzles and quizzes. They created cards with tasks and prepared an activity class of mathematics for pupils in the parallel class using the cards. In this activity, pupils of the fourth grade devised… Continue Reading →

Discovering the World of Fish in the Czech Republic

In this activity, pupils organized a fun game for younger schoolmates aimed at learning about the world of fish, fish species and fishing in the Czech Republic. Independently, they organized a competition, evaluated results and appreciated classmates. The aim of… Continue Reading →

Mapping My Topic

In this activity, pupils mapped their own topics using special software. Through the creation of mind maps, they penetrated deeper into the chosen issue and presented their outputs at school.   The activity was implemented in eighth and ninth grades… Continue Reading →

The Figure of Václav Havel

Key words: digital competences, project across curriculum, art education, history, film, secondary school The eighth grade of a middle (secondary) school participated in an international project DIYLab, which aims are (among others) to strengthen the digital competencies of students, collaboration… Continue Reading →

Multiplication 3, 4

In this activity, pupils created visual aids for teaching mathematics, searched for suitable teaching programs and prepared validation tests. They taught a mathematics lesson for second-graders and documented their activities.   The activity was participated by 2.B (22 pupils) and… Continue Reading →

Ethology of Mammals

Pupils documented the lives of animals in captivity. They compared their findings with information available on the Internet and presented their results to younger pupils. The activity was participated by 8.A (15 pupils) in Natural Science classes under the topic… Continue Reading →

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