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The course of my learning

  This digital object has been developed in “Environments, Processes and Technological Learning Resources” subject from the Pedagogy degree from UB, University of Barcelona. By Sandra Monreal. What I think I have learnt through this course? During this course I… Continue Reading →

Digital abstract picture edited in MS Excel (1)

Experimental interdisciplinary aktivity is oriented on developmnet of abstract thinking and digital creations of pupils. We realized this aktivity with 75 pupils from 6. – 8.classes. Our artistic project was inspired by abstract paintings by Netherland artist Piet Mondian (1872-1944)… Continue Reading →

A Box with a Surprise

Class 3.A of 18 pupils manufactured a postcards box.          The objective of this activity was to familiarize them with their surroundings, seek information, and try out the role of the teacher. This activity was launched in… Continue Reading →

Learning Flowers in the Wild

Preparatory class pupils created herbariums of flowers they found in their surroundings. They presented their collective collage to ninth-graders.               The activity was carried out with 16 pupils of the preparatory class. The aim of… Continue Reading →

Exhibition of Dinosaurs

Pupils attending the ceramics club organized an exhibition of ceramic dinosaurs for children, teachers, and parents. Seventh-graders made a video documentation of the exhibition and created several short films in Movie Maker program.           Pupils of the first, second, and… Continue Reading →

The First Ten Years of the History of our School in Global Context

In this activity, pupils mapped the world events (inventions, personalities, etc.) in the first ten years of the existence of the school (1898 – 1908) and produced a large-format poster with texts and photographs, which was exhibited in the school… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 6)

VARIETY In our work we focus on the coincidences, prejudices as well as symbols expressing contrasts. There is included a set of emotions and our perception of certain situations. I was not easy for us to choose approximately 10 photographs… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 5)

Preparing for the teaching profession I would like to divide my preparation for the teaching profession into three parts. When I started attending school, I had no idea what the deal was about studying at the university, much less at… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 4)

During the two-week period I tried to take as many photos as possible. I am not saying however that I always managed to do that. Sometimes I had no time or was not in the right mood. At first I… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 3)

The key to our story is having the concept of our topic in advance. At first, we thought up a story, then the photo composition and then did some legwork to actually shoot photos. It was much more fruitful this… Continue Reading →

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