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How I am becoming a teacher (example 2)

In our project we focused on works of art around Prague and tried to find clues to our future profession choice. We are going to describe why we picked certain photos and our impressions of them. The first photo of… Continue Reading →

How I am becoming a teacher (example 1)

The idea „How I am becoming a teacher“ is a part of the joint project between the University of Michigan-Flint, USA and the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The idea was developed by Dr. Mary Jo (University of Michigan-Flint)… Continue Reading →

Making of softbox / photography umbrella

This multimedia project was created as a semestral work for subject Design and Development of Multimedia Applications at Charles University in Prague. For all parts of process see complete website. Used technologies: All videos and photos were shooter with digital SLR Canon… Continue Reading →

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