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Refugees Resources BCN

This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in...

Database Development – database of theatre ensembles

Abstract The goal of this project was to create the information system for administrating the activities of a theatre ensemble, which will enable listing statistics (number of performances, number of people in the audience…) for each production, actor or season…. Continue Reading →

Problems which human cannot solve without using computer – tomography

I am a part-time MA student of the Faculty of Education to become a qualified ICT teacher. Within a compulsory course “ICT Education” we, a group of MA students, had to develop a collection of examples from different branches of… Continue Reading →

Sprouting peas in plaster

Who would think of pouring peas into plaster? And if someone did, what would happen? The experiment is focused on the observation of the sprouting of peas (Pisumsativum) poured into plaster. The paper’s goal is to find out how the… Continue Reading →

Tardigrade´s extraction

The project „Extracting Tardigrades from moss with a Baermann Funnel“ gives informations about microscopics animals, which are also known as water bears and gives basic instructions on how to extract them.  During my bachleor studies I realized, that Tardigrades are… Continue Reading →

Little Dances in Scratch (Conversion to the decimal system)

Author: Štefan Dvorščík Presentation: here Animation and project´s modification: here

Scratch project: Knight and Princess

Authors: Jana Vomáčková,  Jana Navrátilová Presentation: here Animation a projects modification: here

Animated story about a small wizard

At the Faculty of Education we had to design an assignation for pupils focused on development of an animated story using free available SW and HW (no commercial SW). I decided for the application Alice (version3). You ought to create in… Continue Reading →

Little Dances in Scratch (Start to move)

The project „Start to Move“ has three levels: On the first one there is a completed sample of solution the aim of which is to help a pupil to understand a problem and a way how to solve it. On… Continue Reading →

Robot – tracer

Průběh: Konfigurace robota: První trik, který budeme používat je, že se nebudeme snažit, aby robot skutečně sledovat čáru. Místo toho se budeme snažit sledovat okraj čáry. Proč? Protože pokud budeme sledovat černou čáru samotnou, pak robot uvidí pouze černou barvu a… Continue Reading →

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