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Racing robot – pass the maze

Cíl projektu: Cílem projektu je vytvoření robota, který bude schopný projet předem definovaným bludištěm. Vzdělávací cíle: Cílem projektu je vzbudit v dětech zájem o robotiku. Tento projekt je do výuky nasazen jako samostatná práce žáků. Žáci staví ve skupinách roboty, jejichž cílem je… Continue Reading →

Automatic Track Crane

Cíl projektu, smysl robota:    Robot by měl být schopen jezdit po stole, přičemž si hlídá svou přední část. Pokud narazí na kraj stolu, otočí se a jede dál. Hlavní úkol robota je při reakci na posvícení do senzoru, otočit se,… Continue Reading →

Playing robot

The main goal of the project is to connect and strengthen the knowledge and experience of students of ICT and musical arts. Students learn how to co-operatively three-handedly build a robot in a limited time, which is capable of playing… Continue Reading →

Smart irrigation systems

Authors: Salma Sanjac, Marta Botet, Maria Manzano, Marta Puntí and Mireia Carbajal. Level: 3rd year secondary schoool Another example of how to apply easy technology for a smart solution....

Czech writers

Students prepared a methodology, how to work with tablets in a classroom and teach other how to use their idea. Anotation activity with tablets: Student have instructions (map / navigation), where to go to see four selected sites (memorials of… Continue Reading →

Animated popup message in video

In this tutorial we are going to create a pop up message which can be used in your After Effects projects in various ways. Imagine that you have an object in your scene. By using the pop up message, you… Continue Reading →

Lego BlueTooth Robot

Are you interested in the building kit LEGO® Mindstorms NXT™ and want to know more? This web will help you answer the question of why to choose LEGO® Mindstorms NXT™ , what is inside the package, what can be created… Continue Reading →

Making of softbox / photography umbrella

This multimedia project was created as a semestral work for subject Design and Development of Multimedia Applications at Charles University in Prague. For all parts of process see complete website. Used technologies: All videos and photos were shooter with digital SLR Canon… Continue Reading →

Increasing reading skills with dr Seuss

Students prepared a methodology, how to work with tablets in a classroom and teach other how to use their idea. Anotation activity: Practising cooperating skills. Improvement of searching skills and use of information. Practising of the proper use of tablets…. Continue Reading →

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