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Students of 3r year thank their fellows of 5th year for the Prehistory Museum Project

Authors: students of 3rd year primary school Students of 3rd year of primary school thank their fellows of 5th year for the Prehistory Museum Project. Older student help their younger fellows ...

Collaboration project University-School

Collaboration between our school and the University of Barcelona to study how we learn to learn. In this video there are reflections on the changes in the way we teach and learn.

Force: Painovoima -Gravity (5th grade)

Gravity Presentation in ”Force” –Thematic school subject integration: (Crafts, Physics and chemistry, Mother tongue , English)

Diver’s LogBook

CZ: Výsledkem projektu, na kterém jsem pracoval v rámci předmětu Vývoj aplikací v objektovém programování, je mobilní aplikace, která by měla nahradit papírový potápěčský logbook. Potápěči, především ti začínající, by si měli vést záznamy o svých ponorech. Po završení kurzu dostávají malou… Continue Reading →

Bird House

EN: The system serves for the purpose of monitoring birds in a given area. We can map types of small birds from the recordings. Becauce of this reason the task was changed to be a bird feeder, which can also… Continue Reading →

Problems which human cannot solve without using computer – tomography

I am a part-time MA student of the Faculty of Education to become a qualified ICT teacher. Within a compulsory course “ICT Education” we, a group of MA students, had to develop a collection of examples from different branches of… Continue Reading →

Time Measurement and Sundials

Pupils in this activity constructed a functional sundial and looked for a suitable place for its location. The outputs were presented to pupils in a parallel class.   The activity was participated by 1.C (19 pupils). Their aim was to… Continue Reading →

Playful School

Under this activity, pupils prepared for their fellow pupils sports games in the gym and funny board games focused on mathematics and the Czech language. They thus tested the physical fitness and knowledge of younger schoolmates.        … Continue Reading →


Within this activity, pupils carried out field research in the vicinity of the school and looked for old house signs and historical sundials. They were familiarized with the principle of sundials, which they then produced themselves. Pupils presented their results… Continue Reading →

Games for Czech Language

In this activity, pupils invented and produced games (board games, pairs, playing cards) for the subject Czech Language. Pupils tested the difficulty of their games in a parallel class.           The concept for this activity for 1.B… Continue Reading →

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