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Theatres in Mathematics

In this activity, pupils produced little paper theatres for teaching mathematics. They formulated word problems and came up with themes for individual theatres. They tested functionality of the theatres together with schoolmates from the preparatory class.        … Continue Reading →

A Box with a Surprise

Class 3.A of 18 pupils manufactured a postcards box.          The objective of this activity was to familiarize them with their surroundings, seek information, and try out the role of the teacher. This activity was launched in… Continue Reading →

Learning Flowers in the Wild

Preparatory class pupils created herbariums of flowers they found in their surroundings. They presented their collective collage to ninth-graders.               The activity was carried out with 16 pupils of the preparatory class. The aim of… Continue Reading →

Mnemonics for the English Language

Mnemonics are tools which help us remember, e.g., various grammar rules. Sometimes, people remember them all life as they help us recall grammar rules. Eighth-graders tried to devise, create, and use such tools.           The activity… Continue Reading →

Selling and Buying in Mathematics

Pupils turned the classroom into a shop where they sold goods. They strengthened the math skills of their own (sellers) and of their classmates (buyers). They also developed communication and cooperation skills in various situations. In a fun way, they… Continue Reading →

Sprouting peas in plaster

Who would think of pouring peas into plaster? And if someone did, what would happen? The experiment is focused on the observation of the sprouting of peas (Pisumsativum) poured into plaster. The paper’s goal is to find out how the… Continue Reading →

Reflections on self learning. Travelling in Europe

This project was done with students in 6th grade of primary school to learn about Europe. Each couple of students had to choose an european country and design a trip during a week. Starting wit...

Stories for Illustrations

During this activity, pupils drew inspirational pictures of animals, which older pupils used to write short stories. Together, they organized a presentation of their literary and artistic creations. Pupils drew inspiration from a book for children which was illustrated by… Continue Reading →

Animated telling stories

EN: The animated example was designed as an outcome of an assignment which was given me during my university studies at the Faculty of Education in frame of a course „Didactics of ICT Education – IV“. Being a student teacher… Continue Reading →

Liikenne ja liikkuminen –eBook by Eero (Traffic-project) (8th grade)

e-Book presentation (+pdf) The e-book is made under “Traffic -Behavior, road safety, environmentalism”. Including e.g. Personal commute and physical exercise diaries. Traffic observations. Recent traffic accidents news. Accident statistics. Suggestions to improving local traffic safety.

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