Level Primary Education

Games for Czech Language

In this activity, pupils invented and produced games (board games, pairs, playing cards) for the subject Czech Language. Pupils tested the difficulty of their games in a parallel class.           The concept for this activity for 1.B… Continue Reading →

Theatres in Mathematics

In this activity, pupils produced little paper theatres for teaching mathematics. They formulated word problems and came up with themes for individual theatres. They tested functionality of the theatres together with schoolmates from the preparatory class.        … Continue Reading →

Mnemonics for the English Language

Mnemonics are tools which help us remember, e.g., various grammar rules. Sometimes, people remember them all life as they help us recall grammar rules. Eighth-graders tried to devise, create, and use such tools.           The activity… Continue Reading →

Exhibition of Dinosaurs

Pupils attending the ceramics club organized an exhibition of ceramic dinosaurs for children, teachers, and parents. Seventh-graders made a video documentation of the exhibition and created several short films in Movie Maker program.           Pupils of the first, second, and… Continue Reading →

Selling and Buying in Mathematics

Pupils turned the classroom into a shop where they sold goods. They strengthened the math skills of their own (sellers) and of their classmates (buyers). They also developed communication and cooperation skills in various situations. In a fun way, they… Continue Reading →

Our creative way of learning

The students from 5th grade of Primary at Virolai school prepared a video of the project in

Interactive app to learn about the animals

Authors: student of 5th grade (10 years old) In this video students show the interactive app they developed to learn about the animals. The objective of this app is to teach about the animal...

Learning process in the study of the animals

Authors: students of 5th grade (10 years old) The video shows images on how they worked the initial phase of the process when the were dedicated in the search and selection of information. T...

Building a Project Together

5th grade students from Virolai School developed a collaborative project in which they were grouped by their own interests. We worked communication through history and at the end of the process stu...


Some Virolai Students worked as reporters and they explain us their experience and their earning process through the project. Reporters want to get their classmates’ opinions and make them think ab...

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