Prostitutes in EDUc-Action

This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in En...

Infonomia + TIVO

PROJECTE INFONOMIA + TIVO Collaboration between our school and the University of Barcelona to study the proficiency in learning to learn. This is a presentation that was done in a meeting to show examples of good practices at the school.

Our creative way of learning

The students from 5th grade of Primary at Virolai school prepared a video of the project in

Interactive app to learn about the animals

Authors: student of 5th grade (10 years old) In this video students show the interactive app they developed to learn about the animals. The objective of this app is to teach about the animal...

Learning process in the study of the animals

Authors: students of 5th grade (10 years old) The video shows images on how they worked the initial phase of the process when the were dedicated in the search and selection of information. T...

Building a Project Together

5th grade students from Virolai School developed a collaborative project in which they were grouped by their own interests. We worked communication through history and at the end of the process stu...


Some Virolai Students worked as reporters and they explain us their experience and their earning process through the project. Reporters want to get their classmates’ opinions and make them think ab...

Studying Communication Through History

Authors: 5th grade students Summary: In 5th grade, Social Science students learn about how human beings have been communicating to each other in different ways through history, so they learn about smoke signals, carrier pigeons, messengers on horse, messengers on… Continue Reading →

The phone of the future

All began with some brainstorming in class, where all the students gave their ideas and opinions about why cellphones should keep existing in the future and the functions they should have to answ...

Peer learning experience on Smart Cities

We, secondary school students, have created a workshop to teach our younger mates at primary school what a smart city is. We read the tale of Ona, a giraffe who lives  in a smart city called Ba...

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