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Raatteen tien muistomerkkejä (Memorials and statues in Raate road) (8th grade)

Daniel is telling about memorials and statues of the Raateentie area. (in Russian). The narration sound is a bit weak but the video has English subtitles. The video is recorded in a school class excursion on spring 2015. The presentation… Continue Reading →

Czech writers

Students prepared a methodology, how to work with tablets in a classroom and teach other how to use their idea. Anotation activity with tablets: Student have instructions (map / navigation), where to go to see four selected sites (memorials of… Continue Reading →


We live in cities abundant in remembrances of things and people past. Unfortunately, current generations do not pay enough attention to them. The project proposes a way to change the status quo by utilising the city as an art canvas… Continue Reading →

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